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Energy Conservation Building Code

The Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC), was launched by Ministry of Power, Government of India in May 2007 which was amended in July, 2017 is as a first step towards promoting energy efficiency in the building sector.

The ECBC provides design norms for:

Building envelope, including thermal performance requirements for walls, roofs, and windows; Lighting system, including day lighting, and lamps and luminaries performance requirements; HVAC system, including energy performance of chillers and air distribution systems; Electrical system; and Water heating and pumping systems, including requirements for solar hot-water systems.

During the development of ECBC, analysis conducted through energy simulation indicated that ECBC-compliant buildings may use 40 to 60% less energy than similar buildings being designed and constructed at that time.

MP-ECBC English

MP-ECBC Gazette Notification


MP Govt Order for ECBC Steering Committee 23.05.2009

Municipalities- MP GO for energy efficiency Lighting conservation


ECBC Workshop at Indore on 8 Feb 2019 :

1) Proceedings of Workshop

2) Photographs

3) Presentation@ECBC Compliance Mechanism

4) Presentation@ECBC Enforcement Mechanism

ECBC Workshop at Bhopal on 23 Feb 2019:

1) Proceeding of Workshop

2) Participants of Workshop

3) Webinar on ECBC


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