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# Description Document
Corrigendum -3 RESCO III(Asbestos roof) Document
Corrigendum -2 RESCO III (Asbestos roof) Document
Corrigendum -V RESCO-III RFP No.4675 Dt. 28.02.2019 Document
Clarification regarding BG for Bid-Security for RESCO-III, Industries Tender Document
Corrigendum-4 of RFP 4675 Dt.28.02.19 Document
Corigendum-1 RESCO-III (Asbestos Roofs) Document
RFP and PPA for Resco III (with RCC or Metal roofs) Document
RfP and PPA for Resco III(with asbestos roofs) Document
Clarification regarding RESCO-III Industries tender cum auction Document
Outsourcing of Photocopier Document
Corrigendum-II for RESCO-III (Industries) Tender Document
Corrigendum 1 for RESCO-III (industries) tender Document
Modified set of document of RFP No. 4675 Dt. 28.02.2019 Document
RESCO-III Tender Pre-bid Meeting Agenda & FAQ Document
RfP & PPA documents for RESCO- III for deplotyment of SPV Power Plants in Industrial Sector Document
Corrigendum VI Revised tender document of RESCO III Document
Minutes of Pre Bid meeting of RESCO-III,tender Document
Corrigendum V of RESCO-III RFP No.4675 Dt. 28.02.2019 Document
Corrigendum IV of RESCO III RFP No. 4675 Dt. 28.02.2019 Document
Corrigendum- III of RESCO-III RFP No. 4675 Dt. 28.02.19 Document