The objective of DFID is to support M.P. Urja Vikas Nigam for promoting Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency state of Madhya Pradesh. DFID has to encouraged by the increased interest and inclination to support activities in areas Renewable Energy in Madhya Pradesh. DFID has appointed PWC (price water cooper) as a consultant for technical assistance to M.P. Urja Vikas Nigam. The following areas have been identified as priority requirements:


  • Wind Mapping : To assist the potential of Wind Energy with respect to economical viability and marketing strategy, it could be desirable to do a provincial state wide wind energy potential mapping for Madhya Pradesh, highlighting the locations as well as the basic infrastructure of the grid evacuation availability, road and government land for at least the top 20 sites in the state.


  • Solar Power Generation Policy for the State : A few state, particularly Gujrat, have declared a state policy for solar power generation, guaranteeing a unique PPA model over and above the National Solar Mission. It could be desirable to have such a state policy for Madhya Pradesh also, and therefore, preparation of a "Draft Solar Power Generation Policy" for Madhya Pradesh needs to be prepared with technical Assistance from DFID. This assumes a great urgency as it is included in the Hon'ble Chief Minister's vision for 2013.


  • Net-Metering Policy : To promote private investment with or without any subsidy component or support from the government, the policy of grid, connected roof top mounted, solar photovoltaic generation plants with Net Metering technology is a very attractive proposal and successfully implemented in few Indian states like West Bengal and Karnataka. It would be desirable to prepare a "draft net metering policy" for Madhya Pradesh on a priority basis.


  • IT support for MP Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd. : One of the highlights of the study of MP Urja Vikas Nigam was lack of effective MIS, proper computerization and IT based effective monitoring. To overcome this, it is proposed that with DFID TA as well as FA, for hardware and software, with initial HR support effort should be made towards bridging these gaps. Hence, a complete IT support is solicited to be included in the TOR.


  • Representation at Regulators forum : The Central and the State Regulatory Commissions play a great role in deciding the fate of policies and tariffs for Renewable Energy. It is felt that instead of only Private generators and operators petitioning to the regulator, MP Urja Vikas Nigam also be a necessary party or intervener to present the state government's case and policy before these commissions. A strong representation would go a long way in achieving the renewable energy targets for the state. A proper Technical Assistance with HR support for the same is solicited to be included in the TOR.


  • Policy study : The Planning Commission of Govt. of India, as well as the 13the Finance Commission have laid a great stress on states to achieve their targets for Renewable Energy Generation. It is desirable that a thorough study of the direct benefits and incentives for achieving the state share of renewable energy may be made to help the state government in taking medium term financial decisions. The possible cuts or disincentives for not achieving our due share also need to be high lighted. Such a study may be included as a part of revised TOR.


  • Global Meet Support : The State Government is going to organize a prestigious Global Investors Summit in sometime in October 2010. It would be desirable to highlight renewable energy sector as an attractive investment declination proposal not only power generation project but also as industries in the field of Renewable Energy Equipment manufacturing. A comprehensive showcasing of renewable energy sector and advantages of Madhya Pradesh in this Global Investors may be included in additional terms of reference.


  • ISO-Certification for MP Urja Vikas Nigam : As the State Nodel Agency, Urja Vikas Nigam plants to get for itself ISO certification in the area of Business Management (9000 series) and Environmental Friendliness (14000) series. Support for both these certification as part of on going TA may be included.


  • Solar City : The cities of Indore and Gwalior are currently selected under the project of solar cities. These cities need to prepare a comprehensive DPR as per the Govt. of India Guidelines. Funds are available for preparing these DPRs within the project. However, the appointment of Consultant, performance monitoring etc. needs to be done for the two cities as part of the on going TOR.